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Baby Naked Wa~

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배틀 Battle Fanfiction
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Welcome to Baby Naked Wa~ a community for Battle Fanfiction.

This is a community for fans of the band Battle. Both yaoi/slash and non-yaoi/het works we welcome. Please keep in mind that all fanworks are fiction, and are being shared out of love and spazzy glee for the band. If you can't respect that, please fangirl elsewhere.


1. NO FLAMES. Fanworks are all about loving the boys, so please keep the drama to the fics.

2. Please keep all posts fanfiction related. For Battle information/media please visit the general community at bat_tle.

3. All fanfiction should be labeled with the author, and pairing, and be lj-cut for ease of browsing and tagging. For archival purposes, all fic will be tagged with these categories as well.

4. No advertising! This is a fanfiction community only, so keep the posts to fanfiction.

5. Most importantly, have fun!

Mod: misao_kunoichi


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